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Facilitation of Positive Change provided by Autumn Consulting includes consulting engagements, coaching, training, or customized group facilitation for executives leading change.

A professionally facilitated Autumn Consulting engagement includes:

  • insights and counsel regarding change leadership
  • experiences that assist people in moving forward toward a desired outcome
  • programs that allow people to successfully engage in change

Are you an executive or other individual motivated to generate positive change?
Do you want to embark in a new direction or take what exists to a new level of success?

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The principal of Autumn Consulting, Erin Beamer, has deep expertise and experience with change based on:

  • leading change in corporate roles
  • consulting executives leading change
  • personal integration of change
  • facilitating participants in powerfully
    aligning group sessions

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Autumn Consulting provides conceptually rich, practical, engaging, and results-generating facilitation of positive change.

Organizational Change Leadership

Corporate Consulting for Leaders Leading Major Change

Customized Session Facilitation

Targeted for a Range of Needs from
Strategic Visioning, Organizational and Conceptual Designs, or Team Building
to High-level Strategic Design of Your Major Change Initiatives

The Momentum Program

A Group Experience for Leaders Focused on Living and Leading with Purpose

Personal Coaching / Executive Coaching

For Choosing Doors and Steps that Move You in the Desired Direction

& More…

People actually rarely resist change per se; they resist loss. Determine what someone is losing due to a change and you can determine how to lead them through and engage them in the change.

-Erin Beamer