Professional Background

Erin Beamer’s passion is facilitating positive change.
She has been the Principal of Autumn Consulting since she created the business in 1997.

  • Through Autumn Consulting, Erin provides services as a consultant, coach, and facilitator for executives and other individuals who are motivated to generate positive change.
    • For executives overseeing change initiatives, a positive focus means choosing to lead people through change – catalyzing and driving business results by ensuring those impacted at all organizational levels are both willing and able to engage change.
    • For her clients in other roles, a positive focus means a purposeful focus – moving forward with momentum, in a desired direction, getting to a new level of successful realization.
  • Erin brings a breadth and depth of skill, expertise, and experience to her passion for facilitating positive change.
  • She provides services for organizational change leaders, including strategic visioning and planning sessions, design and implementation of organizational change programs, team and change leadership development, operational assessment/improvement, and coaching executives in their successful leadership of change.
  • She assists executives by understanding, designing, developing, and implementing effective change in their organizations.  She coaches executives on effective organizational change leadership.  In this consulting and coaching role, she creates deliverables and experiences that generate insight, knowledge, designs, plans, and results.
  • She provides coaching services for others who want to focus on leading with a deeper level of purpose, clarifying their passion and unique brilliance, building joy in their lives, changing personal strategies to align with new directions and intentions, navigating personal change, and building influence through awareness of interpersonal pattern recognition.
  • Erin has consulted with executives in a variety of industries including:
    –  telecommunications,
    –  technology,
    –  financial services,
    –  information processing,
    –  manufacturing,
    –  education,
    –  non-profit, and
    –  service institutions
  • Clients with whom Erin has consulted include Oracle, ING Re, Great-West Healthcare, and MediaOne.
  • In early 2011, Erin joined the facilitator/coaching team of WomensVision Leadership Institute.
  • She is also currently developing, with a few others, a new business called Adventures in Boomerland – a program for the Boomer and beyond phase of life that fosters engagement, fun, and accountability for wellBeing.
  • Erin received her Masters of Business Administration (management of organizations and financial control) from Columbia University in New York City.  Her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (marketing) is from University of Denver.
  • Early in her career, Erin was a Special Projects Manager for ATC Corporation (now TimeWarner Cable).  Later she joined Bankers Trust and was a Vice President there overseeing a processing operation and Fortune 500 client relationships.  While with Bankers Trust, she completed the Philip Crosby Quality College.  After returning to Denver, she joined Cornerstone Consulting and managed consulting projects that focused on organization, process, strategy, and integration initiatives.
  • She completed the American Society for Training and Development Train the Trainer course in instructional design, assessment, presentation, and evaluation; Masterful Facilitation training with the Yarbrough Group; Visioning Facilitation workshop; Voice Dialog Levels I & II training; PSI Seminars; and the Life Soulutions Life Mastery course.  She was a participant in the ICAN Influence program.  She has served as Adjunct Management Professor at DU’s Women’s College and facilitated the Strategic Organizational Change Management course via Daniels Institute for Executive & Professional Development.  In July 2010, Erin became licensed as a Science of Mind practitioner – a practice through which she guides individuals to greater levels of personal expression and meaningful purpose.  Erin is a Certified Associate of Emergenetics International and is qualified to provide educational seminars and coaching using Emergenetics® profiles.  She is certified with ELG, Inc. to teach and facilitate Rapid Team Alignment.  She held Professional Member status with the National Speakers Association for 12 years, and is a past Board Member of the Colorado chapter.  Previously, Erin was a Board Member for the Rocky Mountain chapter of Women in Cable & Telecommunications.  She has been a speaker for WICT, the Chamber of Commerce, a project management roundtable, and her corporate clients.  She volunteers as a small group facilitator for Inner Child Journeys.  She has made community contributions through activities for her MBA alma mater, as well as organizations such as Jaycees, New York Cares, Junior Achievement, and Big Sisters.  She was an active member for 15 years in a Denver Toastmasters Club.
  • Erin also loves creative expression through digital photography.

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Meaning, Strange-attractors, and Self-reference
The most potent shaper of behavior in organizations, and in life, is meaning. …Some great leaders make great efforts to speak forthrightly and frequently to employees about current struggles, about the tough times that lie ahead, and about what they dream of for the future. These give purpose, reason to sacrifice, to hold on. Given this kind of meaningful information, workers respond with allegiance and energy. … All of us want so much to know the “why” of what is going on. We instinctively reach out to leaders who work with us on creating meaning. Those [leaders] who give voice and form to our search for meaning, and who help us make our work purposeful, for them we return gift with gift. …Meaning or purpose serves as a point of reference [serving as what chaos theory calls a “strange attractor”]. As long as we keep purpose in focus in both our organizational and private lives, we are able to wander through the realms of chaos, make decisions about what actions will be consistent with our purpose, and emerge with a discernible pattern or shape to our lives. …Many of the sciences share something similar to the strange attractor concept. Each attempts to describe the presence of non-visible influences that facilitate orderly processes of creation and change. …

It is finding meaning that we all ultimately seek. Nothing else is as attractive, as powerful. …

[Even in chaos], systems [organizational and people’s lives] are kept in harmony by the capacity for self-reference,…[a consistent] recognition of the intent of the system…a deep relationship between individual activity and the whole… something as simple as a clear core of values and vision, kept in motion through continuing dialog, can lead to order.

– Margaret Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science

Vision, Engagement, and Momentum
Successful leaders leading change use the meta-elements of leadership. They use Vision, Engagement, and Momentum – they create purpose, meaning, and movement; they create powerful self-reference. By actually leading the change, order and meaning out of chaos can ensue:
– with people positively engaging in change,
– with real results taking hold, and
– with strategic change happening to how we do things here.

– Erin Beamer