Erin Beamer is a Certified Associate of Emergenetics International – certified to provide seminars and coaching using the Emergenetics profile.

  • Emergenetics is a profile of thinking and behaviors preferences.
  • Emergenetics profiles capture patterns of thinking and behaving that emerge from your life experiences and your genetic blue-print… Emerge + Genetics

Profile Description

  • Emergenetics uses four common thinking attributes based on the split-brain model developed by Nobel Prize winning neuropsychologist Roger Sperry. By grounding the four thinking attributes in a right-brain, left-brain standard, an Emergenetics profile further clarifies thinking preferences to include the notions of abstract and concrete thinking, which empirical evidence and our Emergenetics International research shows, is a critical piece to understanding the way people think.
    Analytical – How you combine rational thought with abstract ideas
    Structural – How you combine sequential thought with practical ideas
    Social – How you combine intuitive thought with a connection to others
    Conceptual – How you combine intuitive thought with abstract ideas
  • Emergenetics also presents three behavioral attributes. These attributes are statistically independent of one another and commingle to make up the way you behave. Emergenetics measures the intensity of these behaviors and provides a visual depiction of how your behavior compares with the general population.
    Expressiveness – The amount of energy invested in expressing your thoughts and feelings with others
    Assertiveness – The amount of energy invested in controlling results
    Flexibility – Your willingness to accommodate the thoughts and actions of others

Validity & Reliability

  • Emergenetics is grounded in research and is based on the Standards of Educational and Psychological Testing, the gold standard in this industry. The Emergenetics profile was developed using the most rigorous testing possible when it comes to making sure that every question you answer accurately translates into what your profile looks like, i.e., the profile is statistically valid. This testing used several different constructs of reliability, and thus resulted in a profile that is statistically reliable. In addition, the data is re-normed every two years to ensure that Emergenetics remains consistent over time.

It’s Easy and Rich

  • Emergenetics is easy… easy to understand; easy to use in your work; easy to see results. Emergenetics is also complex and rich with insights:
    – An advanced algorithm that translates the questionnaire into your thinking and behaving preferences.
    – Hundreds of thousands of profiles in the Emergenetics International database and counting.
    – Scientifically based on research from around the world.
  • Emergenetics is a tool that provides you with insight into how you think and behave, as well as greater understanding of your clients and colleagues.

Meeting of the Minds Emergenetics Seminar

    Emergenetics is built on the basis that no two brains are alike. It’s clear that no two businesses are alike either, so the Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds seminar is customized to fit your needs. The Meeting of the Minds program is a 1-day, highly interactive workshop that translates the insights of Emergenetics into exactly what your business needs. Whether it’s a team of 10 people or a company of 300, Emergenetics provides each person with a window into how they think and behave, understanding and knowledge of their colleagues, and hands-on team-building exercises that lay a foundation for working more efficiently and productively moving forward. You also get individualization that comes with tailoring the message and exercises to fit the personalities and characteristics that make up your business and your people. The Meeting of the Minds seminar is a multifaceted approach to enhance your organization, because above all, you get a chance to see the ways you do business from the eyes of your colleagues and your employees. The seminar is set up in a way that focuses both on the scientific evidence behind Emergenetics and the practical application of that science, as well as Emergenetics theory in individual and group exercises that build knowledge, understanding and organizational capacity.

How It Works

  • Emergenetics is a self-descriptive test – meaning you answer a series of questions about yourself. The advanced Emergenetics algorithm then translates your responses into your individual Emergenetics profile, both by scoring your results and by incorporating them into the Emergenetics International worldwide database.
  • This system means that your results are completely accurate and allow you to see how you think and behave within the context of the population-at-large.

The Results

  • Emergenetics delivers results based on insight… Insight into the way you think and insight into how your organization runs.
  • The Meeting of the Minds seminar is presented in a way that focuses on both your immediate and ongoing organizational needs.
  • You’ll immediately be energized to focus on people and work together,
  • The “Perfect” Team – Emergenetics International research, and hundreds of people worldwide who have received an Emergenetics profile, have shown that forming teams using Emergenetics principles brings more diverse and creative ideas, higher responsiveness, and a more complete result.
  • The “Perfect” Presentation—It’s no secret that the secret to a great presentation is connecting with your audience. By knowing how to position presentations that appeal to all kinds of brains, you can make yours stand out in new ways.
  • Using Emergenetics on an organization-wide scale brings results built on:
    – Creative problem solving- Leading change- Enhanced interpersonal communications- Accelerated learning

    – Increased productivity

    – Professional development

    – Employee engagement- Job and life satisfaction- Understanding clients and consumers- Understanding yourself

    – Diversity valuation

Whether you are teaching, training, leading, or interacting with your team, Emergenetics creates a new level of understanding that fosters success.  Find out how the Emergenetics profile and the Meeting of the Minds program will help generate business results.

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Speaking Engagements

Erin Beamer achieved National Speakers Association Professional Member status in January 2000.

She was an active member of Bob Ord Toastmasters in Denver for 15 years.

She is available for speaking engagements on multiple topics related to change.  This may include topics ranging from leading change to the integration of personal development insights to dealing with personal change.

The urging to action
(of one’s essential nature)
into significant, meaningful motion
The essential impelling force or energy
of something significant in motion
The part of leadership that ensures something meaningful happens
That which is required to create any real, lasting, significant change

Example Speaking Topics

  • Overcoming Organizational Resistance to Change
  • Making the Most of Your Personal Change
  • Transition Leadership
  • The Fire of Change Leadership
  • Organizational Change – Push, Pull, & Twist
  • Leading Organizational Change with the AKCEPTA Change© Model
  • Creating Momentum

Prior Speaking Engagements

  • “Organizational Resistance to Change – Organizational Change Management and the Project Manager”
  • –  For PMP Roundtable Meeting, 6/07
  • “Organizational Resistance to New IT Systems”
    –  For Seniors IT Integrated Seminar at University of Denver’s Women’s College, 5/03
  • “Merger Chaos – How to Lead Anyway”
    –  For Qwest Communications/WICT event, 7/00
  • “Transition Leadership”
    –  For Media One senior technology group conference, 5/99.
  • “Matching Behavior to Strategy – Leading Organizational Change”
    –  For the Management Connection of the Denver Chamber of Commerce, 4/98
  • “Launching into Teamwork”
    –  For WICT Leadership Conference, 1/98“

Erin Beamer can also design and deliver a facilitated, interactive session appropriate for your speaking engagement.


Training & Teaching

Erin Beamer is experienced with both teaching and developing training.

Educational Background – Instructional Design and Facilitation

  • In 1997, Erin Beamer successfully completed the American Society for Training and Development Train-the-Trainer program for planning, designing, and developing training programs.
  • In 2002, she successfully completed the Masterful Facilitation program with Yarbrough Group
  • In 2010, she successfully completed the UCSL Visioning Facilitator workshop

Teaching in Educational Settings

  • In the Fall semesters of 1998 and 2000, Erin Beamer was an Adjunct Professor, teaching Principles of Management at University of Denver’s Women’s College
  • In 2000, she taught multiple sessions of two courses at the U S West / University of Denver) Center for Program Management:
    –    Building Project Capable Organizations  –   Project Tools for Organizational Change
  • In 2003, at the Daniels Institute for Executive & Professional Development, she taught a Time Warner Telecom group the Strategic Organizational Change Management course
  • In early 2011, she joined the Leadership team that provides facilitative training and coaching for the Women’sVision Leadership Institute.

Developing and Delivering Training in Corporate Settings 
For corporate clients, Erin Beamer has developed and taught courses such as:

  • A two-day course for managers:
    • Topic:  Rules of effective matrix-management and use of the department’s new project-responsibility assignment tool
    • Deliverables:  High-level training design, presentation materials, handouts, Trainer’s Guide, evaluation form, and consultation on design of a participant quiz.
    • Delivery:  Trained first round of participants and then prepared internal manager for ongoing training delivery.
  • A half-day course for IT management team:
    • Topic:  Organizational Change & Design – Overview
    • Deliverables:  Design and delivery of interactive training to introduce a team to several of the organizational change concepts and tools that would be used in their business over the following two years
    • Impact:  Initial preparation for the successful introduction of major new technology to multiple operational groups

Facilitating Program Design 
Erin Beamer has facilitated cross-functional management teams in the instructional design of new, ongoing training programs, such as:

  • A six-day multi-segment course for 500 managers involved in a complex sales-contracting process
    • Topic:  Mastering the Deal Process – teaching participants to improve their transactional decision-making
    • Deliverable:  An instructional design session and the resulting high-level training design documentation
    • Impact:  Client considers the training that evolved from this program design to be one of the most successful internal training programs ever experienced by this large company.  After four years, the program was still evolving and getting business results and improving the efficient selling of services.
  • See the Momentum Program Description for an overview of the 14-day group program designed by Erin Beamer.
    • Topic:  A program for leaders called to lead with a deeper sense of purpose
    • Deliverables:  Conceptual program design, detailed design, presentation materials, and participant handbook

Adventures in Boomerland™

Adventures in Boomerland™ is a startup business led by a team of seasoned business people.

  • The Adventures in Boomerland LLC members conceived the Adventures in Boomerland™ program to apply current, well-researched techniques (for enhancing the experience of personal and employee engagement and well-being) to a growing issue and opportunity for every business that employs or has clients who are Boomers. That probably means you and your business.
  • Baby Boomer Data
    Baby boomers were born between 1946 and the early 1960’s. Approximately 4 million boomers turned 50 in 2010. In 2010, there were 76 million boomers – representing 28% of the US population (, 19May2010). The oldest boomers turned 64 in 2010; the youngest Boomers are in their late 40’s.

  • The huge population of Boomers has arrived at the mid- and late-points of their careers. As this is happening, there are in the workplace increasingly prevalent issues related to both a lack of employee engagement, meaning, and vitality, as well as economic concerns related to the Boomers’ retirement funding and extended life expectancies. Many Boomers expect (and need) to stay employed beyond traditional retirement age, and yet the frequency of these employees being mentally and psychologically checked-out, although still present on the job, is a problem for both employees and employers. This presents an opportunity, with upside competitive advantage, for savvy leaders who prevent or turn around the trend of disengaged Boomers in their businesses. [1]
  • Adventures in Boomerland™ is for Boomers. It is:
    • Designed to foster creatively engaged workers accountable for and committed to their own health and well-being
    • A structured, motivating, interactive, 9-part program that facilitates participants on multiple levels to take positive action
    • Innovative, original, and designed specifically to productively inspire your Boomers
    • A personal development experience with motivational, inspirational, and business results.
  • Employee Engagement Statistic
    1 55% of employees are not engaged and 16% are actively disengaged, according to survey results published in the Gallup Management Journal,

  • The exceptional Adventures in Boomerland LLC team is looking for an executive corporate partner with whom to share the deep, respected experience that is birthing this program. The Adventure in Boomerland™ partners are looking for an executive partner who already understands the significance of employee engagement and well-being and who can readily grasps the value of the Adventures in Boomerland™ program. If that is you, please contact Erin Beamer and let’s discuss the opportunity.

Contact Erin Beamer about Adventures in Boomerland™