Program – A Call to Lead at a New Level

Momentum is designed for leaders who already know success… because powerful, meaningful things unfold when they step fully into the individual unique brilliance that is calling them to lead with a deeper resonant purpose.

Momentum emerges from:
  • Knowing that in every person there is a unique brilliance that calls for expression.  People who have achieved success in one or more significant ways often find themselves hearing a call to contribute in the world at a new level – leading at a level from which their unique brilliance is expressed with a deep resonance and a compelling purpose.
  • Recognizing that each successful person has, consciously or unconsciously, been wired with personal strategies that have supported their success.  And yet, at some point we reach a place in our life or career where these strategies must be reevaluated and shifted in order to step up to a new level.  So we consider re-sculpting the way we lead in our lives and in our work.
  • Realizing that, as we stretch into the direction of our next challenge, a deeper listen and look inside will serve us in defining the next stage of leading in our lives.  We realize also that an internal leap will be required to become what is needed of us.  And clearly or not, we realize that by engaging imaginative support and structure, we can and will create brilliant momentum.

Momentum includes 14 engaging days experienced in group sessions over 11 months.  It is designed to deepen the expression of one’s unique brilliance, identify the personal strategies and shifts required to lead at a new level, define where a purpose-filled leap will land, leverage tools for leading change, and provide imaginative support to leap there.

What is it you truly want to be? When you release all the messages of what you’re suppose to be, do, and have – that someone else planted in your mind – why are you here ? What’s calling you ?
-Erin Beamer

Momentum is designed for leaders who already know success.  Whether as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or community leaders, the self-actualizing people selected for Momentum are heeding a call…  Not just to the next achievement, but to leading in ways that serve others through deeper expression and contribution of what makes each of them uniquely brilliant.

Momentum Flyer

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Momentum Facilitator

Momentum is facilitated by Erin Beamer – as an expression of her desire to serve through her passion, talents, and unique leadership contributions.  To her creation and facilitation of Momentum,

What is your truest, deepest source of joy?
Sir Wilfred Grenfell (1865 – 1940, medical missionary) said, “Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.” This is consistent with the Positive Psychology view that meaning and purpose are the most important factors in an ongoing experience of happiness – followed closely in importance by regular experiences of flow — the state of mind in which we are so engaged in an activity (that uses our strengths) that nothing else seems to matter in that moment. To access more joy, begin by looking at what is meaningful to you, what provides a deep sense of purpose, what your uniquely brilliant strengths are, and what activities create flow for you.
-Erin Beamer

she brings more than 10 years as a business owner providing consulting and facilitation services and more than 10 years of corporate management experience.  Erin earned her MBA from Columbia School of Business.  She has also earned certifications in Emergenetics, NLP, professional speaking, facilitation, and instructional design.  She has additional training in life mastery skills, consciousness, and leadership, i.e., strengthening people’s capacity to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Her history of service leadership ranges from facilitating groups in emotional healing workshops to holding officer roles on not-for-profit boards.

Erin Beamer has been an organizational change consultant for more than a dozen years.  She was previously a principle consultant at Cornerstone Consulting and a Vice President at Bankers Trust.

Momentum emerged from a call to facilitate deeper experiences of aliveness and purpose.

Momentum Logistics

Don’t limit investing to the financial world. Invest something of yourself, and you will be richly rewarded
-Charles Schwab
Founder and Chairman, Charles Schwab Corp.

Momentum includes 14, engaging, group sessions experienced over eleven months.

Some sessions are 2 full days (Thursday and Friday)
Some sessions are a Thursday evening and a full day Friday
Some sessions are one full day Friday
Times: Thursdays 6:45pm – 10:00pm          Fridays 8:30am – 5:00pm

 Pilot Dates
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Momentum is designed for leaders who already know success…because powerful, meaningful things unfold when they step fully into their individual unique brilliance that is calling them to lead with a deep resonant purpose.

The Momentum program is for you if:
  • You feel called to more fully express your unique brilliance with a deep sense of purpose and while more clearly being of service in the world;
  • You have a desire to expand awareness of your choices and to open to new possibilities; and
  • As author of your own experience, you choose to summon into action the vision and momentum of a new chapter of leadership.

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning
-Gloria Steinem
American feminist, journalist, and social/political activist

The program includes:
  • Activities that surface your deeper expression of leadership
  • A focus on compelling vision, engaging people to get extraordinary things done, and momentum building
  • Recognition and choice of personal strategies that ignite more impactful leadership
  • Strategies for influencing others to achieve an organizational purpose, as well as positioning oneself and others to leverage strengths
  • A focus on leading organizational change—what shifts and practices must you, as executive change leader of the change, grasp, act on, and ensure unfold?
  • Action-planning for what is required for you, personally, to lead at your new level

Pilot Program Cost: $3,000.

Location: Central Denver

Elegant choices…enable us to become increasingly individuated: more of what we know ourselves to be, on the inside, at the core of our most noble self
-Marsha Sinetar
Author of Elegant Choices; Healing Choices;
Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow;
Ordinary People as Monks and Mystic;
and many more

Momentum Application

Momentum Program 2011 Pilot Application.pdf

Program Registration

Upon acceptance into the Momentum program, I will send you a link to register and complete your payment into the program.