Designed for a Wide Range of Needs

Facilitation Description

  • Customized session facilitation is appropriate either as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with Organizational Change Leadership consulting projects.
  • Facilitating is about designing and leading experiences that assist others in moving forward toward a pre-specified purpose or business result.  This is accomplished by first working with the session’s sponsoring executive to identify clear objectives and context for the session.  Then the facilitator designs and prepares for the session experience.  The participants are prepared.  And then the facilitator leads the participants through the experience.  Sponsors often discover that the facilitator’s capture of the session output in a formal document is extremely powerful for aligning participants’ post-session actions with the decisions, designs, and experience of the session.
  • Professional facilitation is an excellent way to surface and direct participants’ individual and collective awareness, expertise, insight, and brilliance toward achieving a positive business result.
  • Customized facilitated sessions are appropriate when a powerful result can be achieved with an objective facilitator who is skilled at designing focused experiences.

Common Types of Facilitation Created by Autumn Consulting

  • Design of Strategically-aligned Change Initiative
  • High-level Planning
  • Creation of Organizational Vision/Mission
  • Strategic Approach to Elements of Organizational Design
  • Team Building
  • Executive Retreats
  • Assessing Trends and Implications
  • A vision is not a vision unless it says yes to some ideas and no to others, inspires people, and is a reason to get out of bed in the morning and come to work.

    -Gifford Pinchot, 

    1865 – 1946, first Chief of the US Forest Service and Governor of Pennsylvania

  • Brainstorming
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Identification of Change Enablers & Barriers
  • Goal Alignment
  • High-level Training Program Designs
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Generation of Engaging New Insights
  • Executive Team and Other Employee Engagement
  • Creating Strategies for Change – Business Change, Cultural Change, Organizational Change

Sample Customized Facilitations

Customized facilitated sessions are usually strategic, expansive, inspiring, focused, and aligning

Masters of the Consulting Deal
A business unit executive wanted to leverage the success of an organizational change initiative in a sister business unit.  The Executive Sponsor of the initial successful program highly recommended starting with a strategic design session facilitated by Autumn Consulting principle, Erin Beamer.

Program Design Facilitation:
  • Designed and facilitated Kick-off strategy session for initiative created to help thousands of people in the company’s consulting sales contracting process.  Session included Core team of SVP sponsor, VPs, and Directors from across functional areas – resulting in a shared vision, as well as commitment to a high-level approach and to an engaging instructional design for training.  Also provided a formal Approach document to keep the initiative strategically focused.
  • Designed and facilitated session for initiative’s Core Team to create Summary descriptions, Learning objectives, and High-level agendas to drive content creation for five segments of cross-functional training; and provided a formal High-level Training Program Design document.
  • Designed and facilitated a session for the initiative’s Core Team to create a detailed training design for three of the training segments; and provided a formal design document.
  • Provided followup consultation related to engaging the initiative’s executive stakeholders and change agents using the new program design.

The best leaders ask more questions.

– D.A. Benton, Lions Don’t Need to Roar
Facilitating the Direction of Change
A nationwide association with about 15,000 members and approaching its 40th year was experiencing an interesting time of change, including trends that impact both the dynamics of the industry and the demographics of its participants.

Envisioning for the Future:
  • Designed and facilitated a session for a group of industry executives to garner fresh insights about the future and the association’s place in the future.
New Strategic Direction:
  • Designed and facilitated a session for the association’s Board to allow the emergence of a new strategic direction.
Mission-Plus (Internal Strategy)
A new shared-services department, created to provide services across multiple business units of a large company, needed a strategy to clarify, align, and communicate about their internal business services.

  • Designed and facilitated this technology leadership team in the identification of their Mission, Strategy, Operating Agreements, Core Values, and Core Competencies.
  • Consulted on communication and kick-off of this strategy to their perspective teams, as well as on other operational elements targeted to ensure integration of the Mission-plus strategy into their operation.
An Established Business in a New Phase of Its Evolution
Each of these was a distinct facilitation project but all were for the same large telecommunications business.

  • Designed and facilitated the leadership team of a corporate staff department in the creation of their Vision and Mission.  Co-designed and facilitated a department-wide team training.  Made recommendations for organizational change (including these organizational design elements:  measures, goals, rewards, training, communication, and customer interaction).
  • Designed and facilitated a team of Human Resources (HR) and Technology Directors in the initial planning of a multi-department, cross-company technology systems project.
  • Designed and facilitated a series of sessions for cross-company, cross-functional, HR Operating & Systems teams to assess the impact and requirements related to the split of its company into three businesses.
  • Designed and facilitated sessions for a cross-functional group to improve an existing process and systems.  The sessions focused on defining business rules, scenarios, and solutions.
  • Designed and facilitated a team-building session to enhance accountability, trust, and communication for a cross-functional group of team leaders whose teams were jointly involved in multi-year, multi-level projects.
  • Designed and facilitated a session for a team of  Executive Directors as the kick-off to their planning for their future operating systems.
  • Designed and facilitated a series of sessions related to transitioning one company’s operations into another’s; focused on process identification, gap analysis, and resolution approaches.
  • Designed and facilitated a get-acquainted based team-building session for a geographically dispersed group.
Other Customized Facilitations
These represent additional variety in customized facilitations provided to clients.

  • Designed and facilitated a session for a management team to create a conceptual design for a new product.
  • Designed and facilitated staff sessions to initiate the establishment of new accountability expectations.
  • Designed and facilitated a process-mapping session for an international business unit.
  • Designed and facilitated a naming session for a new product.
  • Designed and facilitated a brainstorming session related to a potential new business opportunity.
And Still More Customized Facilitations

  • Designed and facilitated a retreat with a facilities management team to address employee-focused issues regarding new performance measurement indicators.
  • Designed and facilitated a team building session for a new management team.
  • Consulted on the design of a 3-day team-building and training off-site for 50 employees of a recently merged company. Designed and facilitated one of the kick-off sessions to focus the employees on their common ground.
  • Designed and facilitated a session for a non-profit Board, at a turning point in their evolution, to determine how they would work together in the future.
A Facilitator is:

  • Someone who makes progress easier, smoothes the progress of, or makes something possible
  • Someone who helps a group or an individual understand their purpose and objectives and assists them to plan and achieve that without taking a particular position in the discussion. The role has been likened to that of a midwife who assists in the process of birth but is not the producer of the end result (
  • One who designs and leads experiences that assist others in moving forward toward a specific purpose or result by surfacing and directing the participants’ individual and collective awareness, expertise, insights, and brilliance

A facilitator asks questions that inspire awareness, surface ideas, find common ground, engage possibilities, uncover insights, align people, and build momentum. The facilitator’s role is to make it easier for a group to arrive at its own answer, decision, deliverable, or result.