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Not what we have, But what we enjoy constitutes our abundance
341-270 BCE, Greek philosopher and founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism.

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ALL FIRED UP!  Sparking the Flames of Leadership

  • This booklet was researched, written, copyrighted, and published by
    Erin Beamer in 1996.
  • This 4th edition was published in June 2000.
  • Library of Congress Catalog Number: 97-62010;  ISBN 0-9660220-0-9;
    112 pages.
  • $10.00
  • This booklet was originally published so the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in Cable & Telecommunications (WICT) could provide leadership insights consistent with WICT’s mission of empowering women through leadership, education, and advocacy.  The experiences, advice, and descriptions of leadership were provided by ten mentors via interviews conducted and summarized by Erin Beamer, and from which emerged Erin’s All Fired Up model of leadership that is presented in the booklet  The mentors were chosen based on recommendations of telecommunications industry executives.
  • What is Leadership?

    • The significant influence that mobilizes people to achieve a goal, an objective, a mission
    • The ability to rally people to do something
    • What people follow

    -Erin Beamer

  • This booklet provides a synthesis of what leadership is – the model of leadership that includes the Vision, People Savvy, and Compelling Force.
  • The booklet also presents leadership counsel and experiences.  The counsel includes advice for developing leadership and avoiding common leadership mistakes.  It includes the mentors’ recollections of early, favorite, and developmental leadership experiences.  The mentors also shared descriptions of their own leadership style and acknowledgement of other leaders.  The interview content ends with some of the mentors’ insightful and inspiring quotes about leadership.  The booklet closes with bios of the ten mentors, and a bit of information about WICT and about Erin’s company, Autumn Consulting.
  • Although WICT was not in a position to do a follow-up publishing (as a chapter fund-raiser), as was Erin’s original hope, she thanks WICT for providing the context that inspired her to create this booklet.

Price – $10.00  (online payment will be available soon)