Facilitation Testimonials

  • I can say without hesitation that Erin is the best facilitator I have ever worked with.      – RP, CEO
  • Erin has facilitated a wide variety of meetings for my group – including team building, planning, and transition management.  She also helped my team develop a strategic plan.  Her knowledge coupled with her high degree of energy and enthusiasm always make for lively, challenging, thought provoking, and fun filled sessions.  She is effective at creating and leading sessions that generate insight and business results for the groups and people with whom she works.     – VV, CIO,
  • You far surpassed my expectations for the facilitation with our advisors.     – WK, Executive Director
  • Erin’s facilitation style is tireless, well thought-out, and effective.     – RB, Vice President
  • Erin has done a superb job of guiding our cross-organizational executive team in development of a change management approach for a stronger overall performance in the sales cycle.  Her use of thought provoking questions and exercises really helped us identify organizational issues, and her ability to keep a high octane team on topic allowed us to create a concrete action plan in a relatively short timeframe.  We plan to continue working with Erin to gain further efficiencies from a complex business model.     –  PS, Senior Vice President
  • I have just finished reading the facilitated session report and find it to be an excellent summation of the tremendous amount of information, opinion, etc generated in our facilitated session and I think it gives us a good framework for going forward.  Thank you very much.     – CB, Board member
  • Erin’s delivery style is engaging, dynamic, incisive, energetic, and thorough.  She gives attention to understanding all points of view, gains audience agreement, creates audience buy-in to the approach, and comes across as knowledgeable, trustworthy and an absolute expert in what she does.  She has a unique ability to get participants to cut through the BS and get to the “meat.”     – CA, Director
  • I would like to thank you for your outstanding work in facilitating our Team Retreat last week at Cooper Mountain Resort.  Feedback from the team was extremely positive.  We found your program energizing while enjoying your light-hearted and fun attitude.  As well, when the issues got tough, you did the hard work to help us succeed!  We all look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future.     – JR, Vice President

Consulting Testimonials

  • Erin championed a challenging change management engagement that crossed the IT and business operations organizations.  She was extremely effective guiding us through many organizational change elements with creative, out-of-the box recommendations.  Would definitely hire her again.     – LE, CIO
  • I hired Erin to help us make major changes in our operations.  She brought an effective, creative, collaborative, and high-energy approach to really analyzing what we did “today” and then thinking about what we “should” be doing.  The output was not a fuzzy high-level statement, but a road map and action plan to help us start the long and difficult process of significantly changing our business.  This is important, because high level analysis means nothing if you can’t do anything with it.  Erin’s work product was exactly what we needed.     – RB, Vice President
  • For two years, Erin Beamer was a management consultant and facilitator for us.  We hired her to help us with organizational change and organizational design related to a major systems project that is key to our business strategy.  Because I was the Business Leader for the project, Erin worked closely with me on our project.  Her contributions were instrumental in promoting the success of the project.  Erin helped us understand the elements of an effective organizational change plan.  She led the development and acceptance of our plan by applying both her expertise and eliciting the ideas and support of many people throughout our organization.  In addition, she took the lead in implementing several elements of the plan.   Erin was effective in reading our organization to determine which elements of a change plan were priorities and realistic.    Her push to clarify the project purpose among the project board members, and to facilitate the creation by the project management team of an inspiring project name, were two key elements of jumpstarting positive project energy and focus that continued to have an impact throughout the project.
  • Erin’s ability to communicate at various levels of the organization and help “sell” our new organizational structure was critical in achieving support in our overall redesign effort.  She contributed to me personally by providing a sounding board to work through ideas and as a devil’s advocate to ensure the changes we wanted to make were meaningful and possible.  It is doubtful we would have been able to successfully complete the project without her guidance.

    Erin is intelligent, adaptable, and certainly willing to take on challenges.  I would recommend her to any organization needing organizational change consulting and/or group session facilitation.  – SP, Vice President

  • Erin’s contribution to our project was significant – and the system we built and which our users accepted is still the pre-eminent one of its kind.     – CH, Vice President
  • Our initial impressions of you were right on track and our expectations were exceeded.  You have added great value to [our project].  You provided a very different perspective on what we were doing in our department.  This different slant has provided us with an integrated approach, a new way of tying it all together.  In addition to the deliverables (e.g., the vision, mission, logo, operational plan, etc.) you provided real-time feedback and suggestions.  Every interaction I had with you (and there were many), I learned something new that increased my value to the department and the company.  You made yourself available for advice and consultation.  You integrated yourself into the department to ensure you had a clear understanding of what was going on.  Your high energy level kept the director group and myself interested and motivated toward working together to get this project completed.  You were truly an asset to the project and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working together again in the future.     – LB, Director
  • I have used the Mission-plus deliverables from our project with you on more occasions than I can mention.  Everyone I have shown it to is very impressed.  It is an ongoing success in helping us with our operations, our staff, and our internal clients.  I feel great sharing it with folks.     – AM, Senior Director
  • I am very satisfied with the business results produced – you stayed focused on what you said you would deliver, set expectations, and delivered quality work.  You are a real consultant – ideas, consultative approach, and great energy.             – AF, Managing Partner

General Testimonials

  • You are really present with people.  It is one of your great talents.  – BB, Designer
  • I wanted to say that you are fabulous!  You really helped me gain perspective.  Thanks.  – LG, Vice President
  • Erin provided an amazing adventure in visioning.  She brought in different selves that gave me remarkable, unknown gifts to my next stage of life.  I am excited as I venture forth with my new vision.  – LL, FNP/MSN
  • I really enjoyed the class.  You have a great way of drawing people out.  – PW, Project Manager
  • Erin did an excellent job of explaining the material.  She actively involved the class and used great, real-life examples to provide a different perspective.  – JM, Project Manager
  • Thanks for all you have done… yes, I know you get paid, but you seem to understand somewhere on a personal level where we are and what we need.   – CW, Association Officer
  • I have very much enjoyed working with you.  You bring extreme value to our effort.  – DC, Program Director
  • Your drive for high quality work helped make this project a success.  – AH, VP
  • Erin is extremely professional, very strong, smart, and people respond very well to her.  – TT, VP
  • Working through the process with you was a very powerful awakening, and one that will last with me forever.  Thanks.  – JC,  Consultant

Some Clients of Organizational Change Leadership Consulting

  • Oracle Corporation – North America Sales
  • Great-West Healthcare (a Lewis & Fowler project)
  • ING Re
  • MediaOne Group

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Some Clients of Customized Facilitation

  • Oracle Corporation – North America Consulting
  • American Birding Association  (a Lewis & Fowler project)
  • Thomson Micromedex  (an ELG project)
  • University of Denver
  • U S West
  • EPS Settlements Group